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Forged Ball Valves. Forged Floating Ball Valves ISO 9001 Bonney Forge View Here PED Metallic Material Manufacturer Certification. View Here CE Certification Cast Steel Valve View

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That's why we stock ball, gate, globe, check, butterfly, needle valves, and more. Each is stamped with the SCI trademark, your assurance of quality, traceable to the source. The SCI


CRYOGENIC BALL VALVES. This is the Sharpe174 advantage. STANDARD FEATURES Valves meet test specifications of BS6364 for Cryogenic Valves Pressure relief hole in side of ball Permanent

HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE TEST CERTIFICATE Date Nov. 29, 2006 BMT ., Korea Nov. 27, 2006 at the manufacturer's premises in Pusan, Korea Ball Valve 120H Series Ball Valve 210

Mill Test Reports for select Viega systems. Design Services . Design Services. UL 213 Certificate. File size 148.0 kBFile type PDF ProPress Ball Valves Product Instructions.


Ball valve X X X Check valve X X Gate valve X X X X 1 copy of the test certificate is filed in the order file. 1 copy of the test certificate and 1 copy of the material certificate shall

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Storm valves are selfclosing valves, typically used for discharge of sanitary pipe lines, grey water and septic tanks. Storm valves are normally placed shipside. Important for a shipside


Valves designated by the purchaser shall have a highpressure gas shell test performed using inert gas as the test medium. The minimum test pressure shall be 1,1 times the pressure rating

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Ball valves Blind flange valves Butterfly valves double offset RINA Type Approval Certificates received. LK Valves has now received type approval certificates from RINA for the

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NICO specializes in ball valve, check valve, gate valve etc. with main principles every valve is fully inspected, and sample the castings by PT test frequently. Every lot of shipment is

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LVF S.p.A. does manufacture and test all its products in accordance with international standards codes issued by APIBSASME. etc. Valve test facilities are available in house and


KITZ Corporation recognized the importance of conformance to the international standard on quality management systems earlier than anyone in the industry. In November 1989, KITZ became the


For valves fitted on ship's side and bottom the test pressure shall not be less than 5 bar. The Society's product certificates are required for valves with D N 100 mm having a design


Our valves have the API, ISO and CE certificates. Our QC management covers the whole procedure. For each order, EN10204 3.1.B Mill test certificate will be issued after finishing the goods.


testing and documentation of ball, check, gate and plug valves for application in pipeline Materials for all Valve Parts and Required Certification Welding and Non Destructive